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About Us is the creation of a group of technology experts who saw the need for a Social, Organizational based communicatoin platform. The team led by seasoned Information Technology Experts of varied disciplines, ranging from a few who have been in the computer industry since the early 1980s to Social media, management, and legal professionals. With a strong underlying focus on Value-Added Programming and Networking technologies dating back to the Novell, dBase, and Visicalc days, we have lived through all of the changes in the computer industry. Taking the needs of our clients into consideration, we've harnesses the power of innovative programming designs, the internet, and the smartphone to bring you Social Exchange. It's a total solution that solves  a real world problem as seen through the eyes of seasoned business leaders and technology experts. And this is just the beginning, we have many add-on vertical and premiium solutions in the pipeline and look forward to sharing them soon.


Elevator Pitch

Social Exchange is a full featured tool to help organizations stay in control of their Groups, Manager, and Message. Whether you are a mom and pop startup or a publicly traded company, simply sign up and create Organization Managers, Group Managers, and assign them to manage the Groups you create. Amongst many other features, Managers can import members, approve or deny new membership requests, disable a members active status, and can send messages out to thier constituents in public or private mode. They can also turn on/off collaboration amongst its members, and can even restrict chatting and messages boards amongst members if so desired. In-app notification of your mesages puts you in control and insures that the messages are seen immediately.

Social Exchange is the best way to streamline information from the perspective of the “Organizational" as opposed to the perspective of the “User”. This Social media paradigm shift allows for the Organization to stay in control of not only the message, but the Organizational structure as well and provide Managers with a suite of tools at their disposal, To enhace the User experience, Social Exchange offers the Users a full suite of communication options including texting, message boards, events creation, and sharing.

Social Exchange is sleek, fun, and easy to use. You won't have to rely on emails, phone calls, faxes or text messages anymore as communications to your Groups in Social Exchange is fast and easy and instantaneous!  Social Exchange can in essense become your compnay's own private "Intranet" application, and we even offer a free Manager's Utility to make posting messages to your users super easy.

SocialExchange is available in the Apple Store or Google Play and can also be used on modern web browsers. Best of all, Social Exchange works on nearly every phone, via push so with it's easy to reach anyone, anytime, anywhere.

So what are you waiting for? All you need to do is get listed on the Social Exchange and start broadcasting to your members and followers. We offer many affordable plans to accommodate Organizations or varied sizes and offer a money back guarantee if not 100% satisfied. We can also customize a solution specifically for you if needed, all you have to do is ask ;)

Our flexible design allows you to utilize the software in so many powerful ways to reach the people inside and outside your organization.