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Social Exchange is a one-of-a-kind app that enables organizations to manage its internal and external communications. The app serves as a productivity tool and efficiency platform for businesses, groups and organizations alike to share news and updates, manage groups and membership, and collaborate. Think of Social Exchange as a secure, cloud based intranet that your members or employees can access from their devices.


  • Register Your Organization
  • Set an Organizational Administrator
  • Create Groups & Add Members
  • Create & Share News and Events
  • Enable Instant Chat & Activate Your Message Board
  • Share & Expand Your Following


Social Exchange allows all types of organizations in different industries manage their internal and external categories. Check out a few types of groups benefitting from the features and efficiency of Social Exchange.

All kinds of sports organizations are perfectly situated for Social Exchange. No matter if you’re running a little league team, organizing pick up soccer, or managing a tournament, Social Exchange gives you a ton of customizable options to communicate with your following. Announce scores and standings, manage tournaments, and invite players to training sessions. Social Exchange is the best way to keep parents, players and fans in the loop. Create closed groups for teams, fan forums, or tournament groups.

Are you a leader of an extra-curricular activity? Working on a group project? What about a teacher looking to better engage with your students? Or maybe you’re fundraising for a PTA or university. No matter what your needs are, Social Exchange allows students, faculty, parents and members of the community to share ideas, organize events, and work together to fulfill all their educational needs.

Ever wish you had an app to replace your hard-wired intranet? Social Exchange is the cutting edge technology that allows businesses to ditch the old school intranet and manage their employees via a user-friendly, secure app. Share documents, brainstorm innovations, plan holiday parties and events, or begin a fitness challenge. These are just a few of the many features Social Exchange has to offer!

Social Exchange is the perfect way to organize events, coordinate contributions, or help spread the word about all your charitable initiatives. Host a 5K, sign up volunteers for your events, or quickly accept donations through add-ons available through Social Exchange.


  • Non Profit

    $ 49
    • 25 Members
    • Monthly
  • Agency

    $ 99
    • 50 Members
    • Monthly
  • Business

    $ 149
    • 100 Members
    • Monthly
  • Enterprise

    $ 299
    • 300 Members
    • Monthly

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Download the Subscriber Utility to enjoy Social Exchange on your Apple or Android Smartpahone and get functionality such as chatting, message boards, and notifications.


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Download the Manager Utility and enjoy management utilities only if your Organization has a Social Exchange account and you are designated as a Manager of one or more Groups.

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